Site Analysis

This service allows us to take a good look at what we will be working with. Site analysis includes measurements as well as evaluation of the flooring and walls that are already in your home or work place. By analyzing the site we can utilize our skills more effectively, while providing you with a more affordable design that you desire.

Space Planning

Everyone needs to have a certain amount of furniture in a specific room. It is our job to plan out on how to arrange the furniture in order to maximize the space that you already have. You might be surprised how many we can fit in to a room without it looking cramped!

Design Development & Conceptualisation

In this process, we will pen down our ideas. This is how we will begin to plan for your area. The best thing about this stage is you will actually be able to add in your inputs in regards to the direction of we are going. This part of the project will ensure that everyone will be satisfied with the final result.

Project Management

Project Management takes care of the job as a whole. We will ensure that everything needed for the job will be available. This also implies that we will ensure the project will be managed in a timely manner, so that we can have your space returned to you within a short period.

Building Addition and Alteration

If you’re unhappy with a certain room, we can change it for you. With this service, we can add or remove walls as well as incorporate new forms of architecture into a certain area. If in need of an extra room or more space in an area, we can help out as well!

Building Reconstruction

Sometimes, we are hired to fix damage to a home caused by various elements. If that is the case, we will reconstruct the area as well as adding a new light that will bring back the space that you once loved.

we will rebuild the area to how it used to look like, coupled our creativity.


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